By Gary Williams

If you would rather not pay for your subscription by credit card, you are welcome to send a check.

Please include a preferred log-in name with your check. If you do not send one, your log-in name will consist of your first initial immediately followed by your last name. Once we receive your check, you will be added to the system. You will then receive an email from info@civilwarfakes.com with your login name and password. Go to http://www.civilwarfakes.com and click on "Log In".
Once you log on, you will be automatically directed to our "Members Home Page". Please bookmark the home page for future entry to this site. Also, when you arrive at the "Members Home Page", it is recommended that you change your password to something you will remember. Click on the "Change Password" link. If you should have any problems, please click on the "Contact Us" link on the Members Home Page.

Please make check out for $20 payable to "Reproduction Civil War Buckles & Plates" or just RCWBP. The subscription price will increase to $30 once the site is completed.

Mail check to:
9437 Main St..
Manassas, VA. 20110


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By Gary Williams